5 Tips to Remove Dental Anxiety

Posted on: March 2, 2018

DentalWhile feeling a little uneasy before your dental appointment is normal, you might have dental anxiety if you dread your dental appointments so much that it makes you anxious. However, you are not alone since many people fear dental treatment.

Some patients cannot make themselves sit in the dental chair due to a traumatic dental experience, the fear of needles or the apprehension to watching the dentist touching the teeth with metal tools. We have methods to help people overcome their anxiety and help people feel better.

Management techniques

There are certain management techniques that can help you tackle your anxiety and fear. These techniques include going to appointments with someone you trust, deep breathing, listening to music, talking to your dentist about your phobia and distracting yourself with a TV show or book.

Bring some on with you

Bringing a friend or a family member is a good idea.  They can be an emotional support especially if this person is naturally calm and controlled. This works great with children if they are with their parents they are more composed and relaxed.

Try relaxation techniques

Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing can make you very calm; try a small session of deep breathing before your dentist’s appointment. Even during the examination when you feel a rush of anxiety, take deep breaths.

Walking is another relaxation technique to overcome fears. Walking for 30 minutes instantly reduce depression and anxiety. So walk to your dentist office, or park your car a block away and walk from there. Listening to music can fill you with tranquility and peace, listen to your favorite happy songs or relaxing music on the way to the dentist, and keep your headphones on while you are sitting in that chair.

Distract yourself

Distraction works with kids and adults both, it can be something as simple as watching a TV program. You can take a book with you or listen to a lecture or your favorite music during the dental checkup to take your mind off it. Holding a cuddly teddy or a plush toy can also help you distract your mind from the procedure.

Be open about your fear

Do not be ashamed of your fears, talk to a loved one or your dentist about it. Talking to your dentist is especially important; they will explain the procedure to you and will answer all your questions. Talking to your dentist and getting to know your dentist will reduce your anxiety to a great extent.

Consider sedatives

If nothing else works you can go for sedatives, there are many levels of sedation available depending on the procedure you are undergoing. Talk to your dentist to choose the best option for you.

In conclusion

Being open about your fears will make it easy for others and your dentist to help you. Help yourself by listening to their advice and following it.

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