7 Signs of Healthy Teeth

TeethTo take care of your teeth, which are perhaps one of the most important components of your body – you need to focus on daily dental hygiene. Taking care of your teeth does not only make your smile beautiful, but it makes your personality shine.

In light of this, here are some vital elements that are telltale signs of healthy teeth, but to be sure you should visit your dentist and have a dental exam every six months to keep your teeth safe.

No bad breath

Though it is not a visual sign, bad breath indicates many underlying problems with your teeth. A healthy mouth doesn't smell.

To check whether or not you have a bad breath scratch your tongue with your fingernail during the day and smell it. If the smell is neutral congratulations you have healthy teeth.

A lack of oral hygiene and decaying food particles in the mouth can cause bad breath. In fact, some diseases like diabetes and sinusitis cause bad breath too. Regular dental visits can help you determine the cause.

Healthy tongue

A Healthy tongue is also a sign of healthy teeth; it should be pink and moist. If the tongue is white, has smelly buildup on it or is discolored, then it signifies underlying problems.

Strong teeth

Loose and shaky teeth are far from strong, strong teeth a firm and they do not have cavities, cracks or grooves. Also, strong teeth are not sensitive to hot cold or sweet food and drinks.

Healthy gums

Pink and firm gums are healthy gums. If the gums firmly attach to the teeth without pockets, discoloration or swelling, then the gums are healthy. If the gums feel loose and jelly-like when you touch them, then you need to give us a call. Regular flossing keeps gums healthy.

No cavities:

A dental health checkup includes checking teeth for cavities, cracks or grooves. Healthy teeth don't have any of them. The outer layer of teeth is always under acid and bacterial attack, that's why most damage occurs in it. If you do not practice proper oral hygiene,  care your teeth may develop cavities. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry can repair cracks to preserve the natural appearance of teeth.

Properly aligned teeth:

Properly aligned teeth are a pretty sight, they are easy to clean and don't trap food and bacteria because they have small spaces in between them.

If your teeth are not aligned correctly there are cosmetic dental procedures such as braces can make your smile cute.

Same colored teeth:

If you have one tooth that is a relatively darker color than your other teeth, there must be a reason for it. It may be a result of a previous injury, you may not feel pain or any other discomfort but the color depicts a dead nerve or an infection. Dental cosmetics have a solution for it; you can get same colored teeth back.

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