Chipped Tooth Treatment Options for Children

Posted on: September 7, 2019

Seeing someone with a chipped tooth is not a rare occurrence. It can be especially common with children because many are so active. Chipped teeth can happen as a result of falls, blows to the face or even eating hard foods. If your child chips a tooth, there are a few different options your dentist can explore. Evaluate them and decide which makes the most sense for your youngster.

Ways to avoid chips

It may not be easy to completely stay away from all risks of chipping teeth all the time, but there are some things people can do to help their children avoid this issue. Kids who play sports should wear the proper equipment, including helmets and facemasks. Mouthguards can also be useful to help steer away from chips. Kids should also follow all other safety regulations when playing. It may be helpful, too, to not eat certain hard foods.

Option 1: fillings

Parents preach to kids all the time about the importance of brushing teeth to combat cavities. Still, the same strategy to fix cavities could also be useful in repairing a chipped tooth, especially if the damage is minor. If the dentist elects this intervention, they will apply a filling to the tooth and build up the area. The dentist will numb the area around the tooth before this procedure.

Option 2: bonding

This is a similar strategy but may be used for larger chips. Bonding also makes sense for front-tooth chips when the problem might affect the child’s smile. With this intervention, the dentist will apply a composite resin to the affected tooth. The dentist will also make sure the bonding closely matches the color of the tooth and surrounding teeth, so the repaired tooth does not stand out.

Option 3: crown or cap

Though not as common for children, if the chip is large and decay is in the tooth, a crown or cap may be necessary. This will require numbing because the dentist will have to shave away part of the tooth and cover it. This provides protection and makes the tooth look better. The dentist’s goal is also to help the crown look as close to possible as the original tooth.

Option 4: do nothing for the chipped tooth

It is also possible that the dental staff will advise the parent to let it be. If the chip is small and on a hard-to-see tooth that does not affect the child’s smile, it may be right to leave it alone. The dentist will also take into consideration whether there is any decay in the tooth. Also, if it is a baby tooth that has been chipped, it will soon fall out anyway.

Enjoy a good set of teeth again

It can be embarrassing to your child to chip a tooth, especially if it is in the front. Luckily, your dentist has the tools and restoration treatments available to fix the issue. Think about these options and discuss the possibilities with the dentist. You and your child can have peace of mind knowing the tooth can look like new.

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