Choosing an Alternative Teeth Straightening Treatment

Teeth Straightening Peabody, MA

Modern teeth straightening methods involve more options. Most people have no time to go through orthodontic treatment. That is why there are alternative teeth alignment treatments available. These are quicker and simpler than traditional braces. If you are thinking about alternative teeth straightening treatments, here are the choices.

Invisible or clear aligners

Some people do not want to wear brackets and wires. Clear aligners remove these uncomfortable parts of traditional dental alignment. These teeth straightening alternatives are plastic. The dentist gets the impression of the patient’s teeth. The dental lab uses these impressions to create custom-fit aligners.

Wearing the aligners 20-23 hours a day for two weeks is the standard duration. The patient will then change the aligners and repeat the treatment. The patient can take them off during dental care and eating. People who engage in sports can also take their aligners off during playtime. Putting them back right away will ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

Many people do not like the visibility of traditional braces. That is why many dental patients opt for invisible or clear aligners. This alternative teeth straightening treatment is discreet. Invisible aligners are gentler as well. The trays do not have wires or brackets. This allows the patient to have teeth straightening without scratches, punctures, and pain.


These teeth alignment tools are for patients with minor teeth misalignments. Patients wear the retainers while sleeping. The dentist may recommend daytime wearing for others. The time for wearing retainers depends on the severity of the misalignment. In some cases, patients may need orthodontic treatment first. The retainers will follow to ensure the straightening of teeth.

Dental veneers

Veneers are thin shells usually made of composite resin. The dentist places them in front of the teeth to cover any crookedness or gaps. Each shell will match the natural color of the natural teeth. It may take two or three dental appointments to finish this teeth straightening. It is a quicker way to achieve straighter, even-looking teeth.

Serial extraction

The crookedness of teeth often starts when baby and adult teeth fill the child’s mouth at the same time. There are times when several teeth erupt at the same time. Misalignment happens because space is not enough. The dentist will perform a serial extraction to correct overcrowding.

This alternative needs several dental visits. The dentist will watch and check the young patient’s dental development as the child grows up. Extraction of the baby teeth must happen if the adult teeth erupt too close to them. This will provide more room for the rest of the adult teeth. More space will prevent misalignment.

Teeth straightening alternatives can achieve the goal without brackets and wires

Dental alignment is possible without wearing traditional braces. Alternative methods are effective in preventing pain while straightening your teeth. Some of these still have discomfort, but the results are faster. Talking to your dentist will give you the right treatment for your needs.

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