Clear Aligners to Correct Crowded Teeth

Posted on: May 15, 2021

Clear Aligners Peabody, MA

It might seem like crowded teeth will stay forever, but clear aligners can help fix them. There are many people who choose orthodontics today to fix their smile. Many people are concerned with how the teeth look. Crooked and misaligned teeth cannot always be prevented, but you can treat them.

Why crowding happens, to begin with

Crookedness and crowding happen as soon as the teeth begin to develop. This happens as young as the age of 5. As a child gets older and starts to grow, the jaw and teeth also begin to grow. However, this is not always a smooth process. Many times, aligners are used to make more space for the teeth.

Sometimes, childhood habits can cause teeth to become crowded. That might include mouth breathing or thumb-sucking. Tongue thrusting, or reverse swallowing, can also be a cause. If the teeth are impacted, they might not come in properly. Or the baby teeth may not fall out properly.

Sometimes, genetics is to blame. The jaw may be too small to properly hold all of the teeth in a straight line. That means that some extractions might be needed. There may also be underbites or overbites.

Choosing clear aligners

Clear aligners can treat crowding since more space can be created between the teeth. This is needed so that the space can be used to move the teeth around. For instance, the patient might have a narrow jaw. In that case, there might not be room for the teeth to sit next to each other.

To straighten the teeth, the aligner will first widen the arch. As the aligner gently causes the jaw to move out, the teeth will slightly spring out. That will cause expansion to happen. Then smaller spaces will open between the teeth.

The patient will wear each set of aligners for two weeks before going on to the next one. Each aligner will work to make more space for the teeth to move to. Teeth can also be pushed down if the teeth never came in properly. Sometimes, attachments might be used to place extra pressure on one tooth.

After aligners

Once the clear aligners have done the job, the teeth are now in the right position. However, the teeth might still look crooked since the edges are uneven because the teeth did not wear evenly while being misaligned. The good news is that bonding can be used to even out the edges. This can make a dramatic difference for some patients.

Choose clear aligners today

Not only do clear aligners help to correct crooked teeth, but you can also have a discreet treatment. Once your teeth look better, you can have a more beautiful smile, even while the treatment is still going. This is a good option for both adults and older children. Consulting with a general dentist will help you decide if this is the right option. Making an appointment is your first step.

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