Denture Adjustments Due to Bone Loss

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Does the denture on the top or bottom of your mouth feel looser than normal? Does it slip when you eat and talk and rub sores on your mouth? It might be so uncomfortable that you leave it in your case instead of putting it in your mouth. This is a sign that your denture needs adjusting due to bone loss. Learn more about bone loss and your adjustment options if you need a more secure fit.

Bone loss and dentures

Natural teeth have roots that sit in the jawbone. The roots stimulate bone growth in the jawbone. When people lose the natural teeth and do not replace them with implants, the jawbone is no longer stimulated. Over time, people experience bone loss. Bone loss changes the shape of the mouth that, in turn, impacts the fit of dentures. General dentists can often adjust the dentures to accommodate the changes in the mouth.

Relining the dentures

Sometimes, dentists can make a quick adjustment to the dentures if there is not much bone loss present. However, dentists usually need to do a reline. Dentists put a new lining in the dentures. This improves the fit of the dentures. Relines can usually be completed in a single day, although in some cases, the dentures need to be sent to a dental laboratory.

Many people choose soft relines. The dentist prepares the dentures by removing some of the plastic. The dentist places a putty material on the areas of the dentures that come into contact with the mouth. The dentist takes an impression and waits for the putty to harden. Then the putty is removed and replaced with a pliable material that is more comfortable than the hard acrylic.

A hard reline is also an option. The dentist prepares the dentures in the same way as a soft reline. However, instead of replacing the hard acrylic material with a soft material, the dentist uses another hard material. The material usually lasts for two years or longer. Due to its longevity, this is referred to as a permanent reline.

Are new dentures needed?

General dentists can usually repair the dentures, so they fit when patients experience bone loss. Many patients get relines every two years due to bone loss. However, after three relines, dentists usually recommend patients receive new dentures. The changes in the mouth are too significant, and new dentures will provide a better fit. Then patients can come in every year or two for a reline on the new dentures.

Does your denture need an adjustment?

If your dentures no longer fit properly due to bone loss, a denture adjustment is needed. Your dentist might perform a minor adjustment, but you will likely need a reline. Hard and soft relines are usually completed in a single day. Your dentist will prepare your dentures and reline them while you wait in the office. You should notice a much more comfortable fit after your dentures are relined.

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