Experiencing Mercury Poisoning From Mercury Fillings? 5 Symptoms

mercury fillings

Thinking you might be getting mercury poisoning from your mercury fillings? Or maybe you have a cavity and are considering getting a filling made with mercury yet have a few concerns about its toxicity? First of all, good for you for looking for information that can improve your overall oral health. It really is a good idea for you to know as much as you can about any and all dental procedures available today, as this way you can choose which of the procedures will work ideally for you. The more you understand about how to take care of your oral health, the more likely you are to always experience good oral health.

About mercury poisoning

Mercury poisoning is a potential problem when someone is exposed to it, i.e. through skin contact or inhaling. When someone is diagnosed with mercury poisoning their brain and nervous system are most likely to be affected. As long as the guidelines for handling mercury are in place and followed, the risk of someone being diagnosed with mercury poisoning is small.

Can you get mercury poisoning from mercury fillings?

The debate continues. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that there is no good evidence that shows that the mercury in amalgam fillings cause dental patients harm, they also state that there is no need to remove any mercury fillings that are already in place. Removing a mercury filling requires a dental professional to use a safe removal process. If a dental patient wants their mercury fillings removed, it is suggested to contact a dental professional and discuss the process so they are fully informed.

Symptoms of elemental mercury and vaporized mercury poisoning

The following is a list of some of the more common symptoms that a dental patient can experience if they are suffering from mercury poisoning.

Symptom #1 – feeling nervous and irritable or experiencing mood swings

Symptom #2 – experiencing difficulty sleeping, ongoing insomnia

Symptom #3 – experiencing many headaches throughout the day

Symptom #4 – feeling weak for no apparent reason

Symptom #5 – experiencing difficulty in using muscles, experiencing muscle tremors or twitching

Have any questions for us?

Have any questions about mercury fillings that we can answer for you? If you happen to be someone that tends to be sensitive to metals, then finding out more about fillings that are made with mercury is definitely a necessary endeavor. There are other filling choices available so you know that there is going to be a filling choice that will ideally meet your oral needs. Be sure to call us if you have any questions!

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