How Do Dental Crowns Affect Invisible Braces Treatment?

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Invisalign® are popular for straightening teeth that are crooked. Invisible braces work well for many different orthodontic situations. The braces can fix from underbites to gaps to overbites. However, there might be some issues to think about, such as previous restorations like dental crowns. Keep reading to learn more about how your crowns might affect your dental treatment.

About invisible braces

Invisible braces allow a patient to straighten out teeth without having silver wires and brackets. Some patients like the idea of this type of treatment quite a bit. There are many benefits of invisible braces. However, only a dentist can determine if this is the right treatment for a patient.

Invisible braces and crowns

In general, crowns are not usually a factor when it comes to being a good candidate for these braces. Instead, the extent of the orthodontic problems is more of a factor. The natural tooth is still in place underneath the crown. The braces can gently move the tooth to its new position. This is just like the natural teeth.

However, the dentist may need to be a bit more careful. The dentist will evaluate the crown carefully. If necessary, the treatment plan can be manipulated. That way, the tooth that has the crown can be moved slower than the rest of the teeth.

Sometimes, the tooth’s location will play a role in the invisible braces treatment. In some cases, patients may need to wear rubber bands. These will remain in place to move one of the teeth at a different speed than other ones. This can provide a more focused guidance to that tooth. Other times, the patient will need to wear a different type of device on the tooth.

It might be harder to place an attachment on the crown than a natural tooth. The crown might be smoother than the natural tooth. The dentist might need to make some adjustments to the treatment. For example, a different type of dental cement can be used to attach the bracket to the tooth.

When is the right time to get dental crowns?

Only a dentist can answer the question of when to get a crown. The answer depends on the patient’s teeth alignment. If the restoration is for cosmetic issues, it might be a good idea to wait until the orthodontic treatment is done. These can wait.

However, some patients may need a crown because there is extensive tooth decay or infection. This needs to be addressed quickly. Otherwise, the patient might lose the whole tooth. The patient’s medical needs must be addressed before any type of cosmetic need is.

Choose invisible braces today

There is no one solution that will work for every dental patient for invisible braces. You need to have an evaluation from a dentist before starting treatment. That way, you can get more personalized recommendations on your options. Making an appointment at your dentist is the first step toward a more beautiful smile.

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