How My Dental Crown Can Match My Other Teeth

Posted on: June 7, 2021

Dental Crown Peabody, MA

Patients who get a dental crown are concerned about the aesthetics of the procedure. Having a dental crown match the neighboring teeth is important to have a natural effect. The last thing you want is to smile and have everyone see that one tooth is lighter or darker than the rest. If you want to find out how your dentist can match your dental crown with your other teeth, here are the details.

The need for porcelain

Dentists need a strong material that looks and feels like an organic tooth. Porcelain has these qualities. This material is good for crowns because it can take the stresses of chewing. It can last for years while replicating the translucence of natural teeth.

Porcelain also shares a trait with natural teeth. It stains over time if it does not receive proper care. If the patient loves to consume colored beverages and foods, a porcelain dental crown may turn darker than the patient’s natural teeth. A patient who wants to have a teeth-whitening treatment should have it before the dentist matches and bonds the permanent crown. Whitening treatments have no effect on porcelain. If the patient has a teeth-whitening treatment after the crown attachment, the crown will be darker than the natural teeth.

Tinting the porcelain

To make the porcelain dental crown look like natural teeth, the dentist tints it with the same shade as the patient’s natural teeth. The dentist holds a color card next to the patient’s teeth to see which shade is closest. This process must happen under warm lighting or natural daylight. Other types of light may wash out the colors. The dentist may need the opinion of another dentist to confirm the right shade. The patient may need to remove any bright or dark lipstick before the matching happens.

A good artistic eye

Most dentists treat crowns as an art form. It is common knowledge that there are no identical sets of teeth. That is why dentists also need a good artistic eye to incorporate dental implants into the patient’s natural teeth. Dentists now use digital technology and the impressions of the patient’s mouth to match the ridges and grooves. This makes sure that the dental crown fits well with a comfortable bite.

The dental lab will do most of the work in customizing the dental crown. Yet, dentists may give the crown some final adjustments during the patient’s fitting. If the dentist is not happy with the way the dental crown fits, the dental lab could always take it back and fix it. Creating a beautiful smile needs both science and art. That is why dentists will always make sure that the patient gets the right fit, look, and feel from the dental crown.

A dental crown can match your natural teeth

Creating good dental crowns does not stop with the right fit. The dentist and the dental lab should make sure that the dental crown’s color and texture match your natural teeth. Your dentist should know how to get the exact shade for your dental crown. Working with your dentist will make it easier and faster to match your dental crown with your natural teeth.

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