How Often Will I Need Denture Repair?

Posted on: March 26, 2019

Denture repair is necessary from time to time. You need to have your dentures checked at least once a year, and a reline is usually necessary every two years. In addition, other repairs might pop up from time to time. Learn the various reasons for repairs and how to properly care for your dentures.

Hard or soft reline

Mouths change as people age, and that causes dentures to fit improperly. When dentures are no longer comfortable, people need to take them to the dentist for a reline. During the process, the dentist will reshape the dentures, so they rest comfortably against the gums. People can get a hard or soft reline.

Soft reline

A soft reline can typically be done at the office without the need to send the dentures out to a lab. The dentist uses a liquid polymer to reshape the dentures while providing a cushion. This is ideal for those who have gum sensitivity.

Hard reline

During a hard reline, the dentist removes a portion of the plastic located inside of the denture. Putty is placed on the dentures, and after it hardens, the dentist takes an impression. The impression is sent off to a lab where the putty is replaced with a hard acrylic.

A hard reline lasts longer than a soft reline, making it the desired repair for those who do not have sensitive gums.

Denture adjustment

Adjustments are also required from time to time. Small adjustments help the dentures fit more comfortably. This process is more common right after getting dentures, although this type of denture repair might be required later as well.

Other types of repairs

Cracked and damaged dentures also need to be repaired. Dentists can repair both the teeth and the acrylic base of the dentures. It is important to take the dentures in immediately when a repair is needed.

Limit denture repairs

While some repairs will be necessary regardless of how well people take care of their dentures, other repairs are needed due to negligence or misuse. Limit the number of repairs needed by following some tips.

Keep dentures clean

Trapped food particles can damage the appliance, and that can make denture repair necessary. Dentures should be rinsed after meals and brushed at the end of the day. Use a soft-bristled brush and carefully clean the dentures.

Soak the dentures

Soaking dentures at night extends the life of the appliance and reduces the need for repairs. Dentists go over optimal storage options for dentures, including how long they need to soak.

Handle with care

Dentures need to be handled carefully to limit the need for repairs. Put a towel down before removing dentures so if they are dropped, they will fall on a soft surface.

Get repairs as needed

Dentures repairs help people hold onto their dentures longer. Get a reline at least every two years, and take your dentures to the dentist if they need an adjustment or if they are cracked or chipped. Also, take care of the dentures to limit repairs.

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