How Implant Dentures Can Help You

Implant DenturesIf you are missing one or several teeth or if the dentist has to extract one of your teeth, implant dentures are worth consideration.  Those who need a complete set of dentures and do not desire to remove them will find non-removable implant dentures quite helpful.

It is easy to talk and eat when your implant dentures are in place.  You will not have to worry about these dentures falling out or slipping in the same manner as traditional dentures that do not make use of implants.

Implant Dentures Basics Every Patient Should Know

People lose teeth for all sorts of reasons.  Some patients suffer from gum disease.  Others have nuanced dental complications that lead to tooth decay and eventual tooth loss or the need for extraction.  In the past, dentists fixed dentures to the mouth with adhesives or creams.

However, even the strongest connection with these methods will cause the upper and lower dentures to shift or loosen.  It is better to connect dentures to permanent implants for the perfect fit.  Such dentures can be fixed or removable, based on the patient's needs.

The Advantages of Fixed Implant Dentures

Think about how nice it will be to bite, chew and talk with full tooth functionality provided by your implant dentures.  There is no need to think about a potentially embarrassing situation that might occur as is the case with conventional dentures.  There is no risk of your implant dentures slipping out or falling out.

Furthermore, fixed implant dentures are easy to maintain.  You can clean them just like your regular teeth.  There is no need for any type of dissolvable cleaning tab or denture cup.  You can enjoy an entire set of artificial teeth without excessive maintenance or feel any type of anxiety or self-consciousness.

A Look at how Implant Dentures Placed in the Mouth

The placement of implant dentures will take some time. The initial consultation involves an evaluation of the patient's oral health, medical conditions, medications and medical history.  The mouth must be properly prepared before implant denture placement occurs.

The process starts with the placement of biocompatible screws made of titanium in the jaw bone. It takes a couple months for the hardware and bone to completely bond.  Once the bonding occurs, there will be a formidable foundation for the dentures.  The dentures are permanently screwed into the dental implants after the implants are firmly in place.

Once your implant dentures are in place, you will not be able to tell they are artificial teeth.  In fact, you might even feel as though your implant dentures are more comfortable than regular teeth.  

Implant Dentures are Made to Last

A large part of the appeal of implant dentures is their durability.  While other options like bridges will require replacement several times during your life, implants will likely last decades.  They will stay firmly in place, providing you with peace of mind and more free time as you will not have to visit the dentist as often.

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