Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

Posted on: October 3, 2019

You are unhappy with your smile and wonder if a dental veneer can fix the issue. Before going to your general/family dentist to get veneers, you need to learn the pros and cons to make an informed decision. Then if you decide to move forward, you can get veneers from a general dentist.

Pros and cons of a dental veneer

Dental veneers fix a variety of cosmetic issues. Veneers can cover discolored teeth. Veneers also cover small breaks or chips and misshapen teeth. A general/family dentist even uses veneers to fill gaps between the teeth. Go over the benefits and drawbacks of veneers.

Pro — natural-looking smile

A dental veneer provides a natural-looking smile. The wafer-thin porcelain is placed on the tooth. It matches the existing teeth. It is difficult to tell the difference between natural teeth and the dental veneer. Veneers even feel like natural teeth.

Pro — minimally invasive

Dentists use a minimally invasive technique to place veneers. Dentists remove a small portion of the enamel. Then the veneers are cemented in place. Patients usually do not require anesthesia for this procedure. However, those who are sensitive to dental work can get an anesthetic.

Pro — easy maintenance

People also maintain veneers in the same way as natural teeth. People with veneers need to brush and floss at least twice a day. Biannual dental visits also keep the veneers in good condition. Dentists evaluate the veneers during the visit and provide professional cleaning.

Con — does not change color

Natural teeth change color over time. Teeth stain due to foods, beverages and habits such as smoking. Veneers do not change color. When the natural teeth change color, the veneers start to stand out. People can mitigate this problem by maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and visiting the dentist regularly.

Con — prone to cracking and chipping

Porcelain is a hard material, but it is also prone to cracking and chipping. Biting into hard foods or habits such as nail-biting can cause the veneers to fail. People need to correct bad habits before getting veneers. With the right care, the veneers can last up to 15 years.

Con — two visits required

Patients must make at least two dental appointments to get dental veneers. During the first appointment, the dentist prepares the teeth and takes impressions. During the second appointment, the patient is fitted with custom-made veneers. While two appointments are needed, both appointments are relatively short.

Are dental veneers right for you?

Dental veneers have benefits and drawbacks. You will have a natural-looking smile when you get this minimally invasive procedure. Dental veneers are also easy to maintain. However, dental veneers do not change color so if the rest of your teeth stain, veneers will stand out. They are also prone to chipping and cracking and require two or more visits. Talk to your dentist to see if a dental veneer can improve your smile.

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