What are the Benefits of Getting Lumineers?

Posted on: May 5, 2019

If you want to transform the appearance of your smile, Lumineers are one of the dental devices your dentist will likely suggest to you. They are the enhanced version of veneers with many benefits for people who desire a more attractive smile. In this article, you will learn about the advantages you stand to gain by opting for Lumineers.

Pros of Lumineers

They are less invasive

The placement procedure for Lumineers leaves the patient with little sensitivity or pain. Dentists also do not administer anesthesia for placement. If no oral health condition (such as gum disease or cavities) is present, the procedure can be completed in two appointments with the dentist. Depending on the state of your dentition, there may not be a need to shave down the tooth’s structure to place the veneers.

The dentist will also not need to create and install temporary acrylics while the dental lab is producing the Lumineers specifically for you. In most situations, if there was no need to prep the tooth before placing the dental appliance, then the procedure can be reversed.

Preferred over wearing braces

If your front teeth are slightly misaligned and you do not want to undergo the stress of wearing braces or aligners, then Lumineers may be the perfect alternative solution for you. Lumineers can be applied to cover the spaces between your teeth and enhance the uniformity of your teeth. They can also repair teeth that are broken, chipped, eroded or irregularly shaped.

Efficient and easy construction

Lumineers are created using digital instruments to provide the patient with a natural-looking dentition compared to every other cosmetic dental treatment. They are created from Cerniate porcelain, and at about 0.2mm thick, they are thinner than conventional porcelain veneers and do not make the teeth appear bulky. Lumineers are also lightweight and will cause no significant discomfort after they have been placed on the teeth.

Their composition makes them sturdy against cracking and leaks, in contrast to porcelain veneers. Also, even with their lightweight build and thinness, the durability of Lumineers is comparable to veneers, and they can survive up to two decades of regular use.

Requires no recovery period

There is no extensive surgery, drilling or substantial teeth alteration required for placing Lumineers. Due to the relatively easy placement of Lumineers, patients can escape a painful recovery period that is common with many cosmetic dental procedures.

It is a permanent solution for discolored teeth

While teeth whitening is beneficial for stains and discoloration on the teeth, it may not be effective for all the stains on the teeth, and the results may not last too long. Even if the Lumineers were applied to correct another issue such as broken teeth, it would also mask any stain or discoloration on the teeth. Therefore, you get the added benefit of getting a brighter smile that is long-lasting.

In conclusion

You can achieve the smile of your dreams with the right cosmetic dental procedures. Consult your dentist to know how Lumineers can be applied to get the kind of smile you desire.

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