What To Do if a Dental Crown Comes Off

Posted on: October 12, 2020

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Although the use of a dental crown is common and has recorded significant success, sometimes it may loosen or fall off. Individuals that have dental crowns should know how to handle a situation in which it comes off. Regardless of the cause, the most important thing is to stay calm and seek professional care immediately.

Causes of loose or detached dental crowns

There are different reasons a dental crown might loosen or come off. It is possible that the crown does not fit correctly over the tooth, which itself is a sign of something wrong. Also, the cement used to bond the crown to the tooth might deteriorate or wash off.

Poor oral health habits may also affect the dental crown. Eating or biting hard foods or objects and taking sticky sweets is bad for the teeth. Repeating the activity can cause the crown to weaken gradually to the point where it loosens and detaches from the teeth. In this case, the dentist needs to check the tooth as soon as possible since losing a crown is regarded as a dental emergency, and time is crucial.

What to do before getting to the dentist

A person that has a loose or detached dental crown needs to act fast and decisively. The steps taken at that moment can help reduce discomfort and avert pain and possible tooth damage. If possible, the loose crown should be removed from the mouth and kept for the dentist. It is advisable to rinse the area with warm (with salt) water and brush lightly to keep the area clean. The crown should be taken to the dental appointment as it may likely need to be replaced.

The tooth needs protection before the dentist can check. Once the tooth is clean, dental wax can be used on the tooth as a temporary covering if the old dental crown cannot be put back. Food debris should not gather around the area, so it is better to chew or bite away from the area. Sweet, hard or sticky foods and acidic drinks should be avoided. Instead, stick to a diet of soft foods like puddings until the situation is resolved.

A detached dental crown can expose the tooth nerves, which means the patient might experience pain. Taking over-the-counter pain meds can help to relieve whatever pain follows. Until the dentist can have a look, the goal is to minimize pain and prevent further damage, decay or infection.

Get a solution from the dentist

During the dental appointment, the dentist will examine the tooth and dental crown to know why the crown came off. Then, they will decide the next step. They might be able to reattach the crown, but sometimes, creating a new crown might be the best option, especially if the original crown is damaged. The area will be sterilized properly to remove bacteria and cement the crown to the tooth.

If your crown has fallen out, try not to panic. Trust the general dentist to find a permanent solution and make your smile functional and beautiful again.

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